ESL Employment Opportunity

19 Jul
ESL Employment opportunity at UVa’s Center for American English Language and Culture.
Chinese Bilingual Faculty Program
Would you be interested in working this fall as a Classroom Assistant with a diverse group of Chinese professors learning English and learning about U.S. college life and teaching?
The Center for American English Language and Culture will be hosting the Chinese Bilingual Faculty Program this fall with 59 professors from Jiangsu Province, China. In the past year, UVa students have made this an exceptionally successful program, working as English language and cultural partners for the professors as they learn about U.S. higher education.
Classroom Assistants will partner with a professor during an ESL class providing feedback on oral English work, participating in discussions, and helping generally with the administration of the course; in addition, Classroom Assistants will help with a course on pedagogy/English for teaching/culture of the U.S. classroom course.
We are also looking for Classroom Assistants to lead on Grounds excursions to UVa events and activities throughout the professors’ stay.  CAs will plan and lead trips to open lectures, concerts, workshops, flash seminars, sports events, etc. to give professors a better sense of the rich offerings at UVa.
Please read below, and if interested in applying for a position as a Classroom Assistant, please follow the link to the application.
The 12 week program starts Thursday, August 30 (mandatory training) and runs through Thursday, November 15th
60- 66 hours total for 12 weeks.
You may sign up for any or all of the following schedules:
1)    Morning Program: Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45 a.m.-noon
2)    Afternoon Program: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m – 4:15 p.m.
3)    Monday/Wednesday afternoons and evenings –  UVa Excursions only
6 hours per week.
Classroom Assistants will be paid $13/hour for approximately 6 hours per week of work throughout the 12 week session for no more than 66 hours total.
No Chinese language proficiency is necessary, but participants must be native speakers of English or have had most of their education in the U.S.  We are interested in individuals who have some background in Chinese culture, have taught English, or who have experience with other cultures and languages. Participants must be organized, responsible, punctual, and professional.
If interested, please fill out this brief form. Please get your application in as soon as possible as we will be hiring on a rolling basis until we fill positions:
(You may have to hit control and enter to get to the above link)


Please send questions to Elizabeth Wittner:

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